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23rd of May 2019 11:29 AM Link
Director Steve Prowse recently featured on the For Accountants website with this article on the transition of accountant to internal auditor. #audits #foraccountants #auditcareers
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17th of May 2019 03:46 PM Link
A huge congratulations to Kate and Gansen who passed the Financial Reporting CA module!!!

This module is not easy!!! You both should be very proud!!!

Well done and celebrate this weekend!!!!
#audits #auditcareers #caanz
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16th of May 2019 12:39 PM Link
Questions for your auditor: How do your fees work?

Like most professional services firms, our fees are based on the time taken to complete our work, and the level of staff involved. Of course we factor in risk too.

Generally speaking, we try to fix our fees. However, the scope of some engagements are uncertain, and require a more flexible approach to what we charge.

We’re not always the cheapest, nor do we aim to be. Our preference is to do high quality work, at reasonable rates. If we don’t think a client is right for us, or vice versa, we don’t accept the engagement.
#audits #quality #assurance #value
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14th of May 2019 03:19 PM Link
Questions for your auditor: What services do you provide?

We specialise in assurance services including financial statement audits, internal audits and other compliance based services.
#audits #quality #assurance #auditawarenessmonth
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12th of May 2019 08:30 AM Link
Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing Mums out there!
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10th of May 2019 10:48 AM Link
Some pics of our somewhat crippled Managing Director Steve celebrating his birthday in the Sydney office. #audits #celebrate #dontfeedthecrocs
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6th of May 2019 11:17 AM Link
Happy birthday to our Managing Director, Steve Watson! 🎉🎊🎈
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3rd of May 2019 02:20 PM Link
May is International Internal Audit Awareness month. We will be asking our team over the next month why auditing is important.
Meet one of our Audit Managers, Danielle.
“Auditing is important as it makes a business more likely to be successful in achieving its goals and results in improved business practices.” #audits #internationalinternalauditawareness #quality #assurance #bestpractice
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2nd of May 2019 12:25 PM Link
May is International Internal Audit Awareness month. Whether internal or external, all audit and assurance services add value and contribute to strong corporate governance 👨🏻‍💻 #audits #auditawareness #corporategovernance #assurance #internationalinternalauditawarenessmonth
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